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Needle Valves

Needle Valves

Needle valves are designed to allow for fine control of flow although this is commonly at lower flow rates. This is achieved using a tapered pin which will open very gradually for finer control of flow through the valve, which is controlled using a spindle. Needle valves have a small orifice with a long, tapered seat and a plunger on the end of a screw, which is needle shaped and fits the seat perfectly.

As the screw is turned and the plunger is retracted, flow between the seat and the plunger becomes possible but is significantly impeded until the plunger is fully retracted. The screw is incredibly fine threaded and requires many turns to retract the plunger allowing for precise regulation of the flow rate.

Our range of stainless steel needle valves is supplied by Genebre. The range is available with a variety of connection options such as NPT taper threaded ends or gas ends, handwheel or tee handled operation, we can even offer a valve capable of high pressures such as 410 bar or 6000psi. Our range of needle valves can be found below, sizes available from stock are between 1/4" and 2".


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