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Steam Traps

Steam Traps

We offer an extensive range of TLV steam traps, many of which are available straight from stock, this includes mechanical or free float steam traps as well as thermodynamic and thermostatic traps. Steam traps are used to remove condensate from a process steam system or heat exchanger with a minimal loss of steam energy.

In mechanical steam traps the free float rises with condensate flow, opening the valve to drain the condense, when steam enters, it falls and closes the valve. In thermodynamic steam traps the pressure and temperature drop caused by condensate entering the trap opens the valve disc to discharge condensate, the valve then closes when discharged. Thermostatic steam traps have a bi-metal or X-element which expands to open or close the valve, when open, condense can be discharged, as steam enters the trap, the element heats up and expands, closing the valve.


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