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Copper Tube & Fittings

Copper Tube & Fittings

We offer a complete range of copper pipe and fittings from stock suitable for use in domestic and commercial installations. This includes a complete range of BS EN 1057 copper tube, M-profile press fittings, BS EN 1254-1 end feed & solder ring fittings as well as a full range of brass compression fittings, all of which are WRAS approved.

Our EN 1057 copper pipe comes in tables X, Y & W, this includes sizes up to 15mm - 108mm. Our soldering fittings are available as end feed in sizes up to 108mm or solder-ring versions in sizes up to 67mm. For non-soldering fittings, we offer M-Press copper press fittings in sizes up to 76mm and brass compression fittings in sizes up to 76mm.


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