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Steam Control at Cheshire Paper Coating Factory Over the past few months, we have been involved in improving steam flow at a paper coating factory in Cheshire. The existing sys... read more
New Product - Klauke Pressing Machines Here at, we offer the latest in M-Profile pressing machine technology, the Klauke press tool is now avai... read more
Online Pipeline Suppliers In The UK There are many online pipeline suppliers in the United Kingdom and across the globe supplying everything from bath taps and co... read more
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Steam Control at Cheshire Paper Coating Factory
Over the past few months, we have been involved in improving steam flow at a paper coating factory in Cheshire. The existing system had two Spirax Sarco 3/4" pneumatically operated control valves for steam which were fed steam through two baffle separators. The operators had stated that the present system did not provide the control they required and that the steam quality was poor. We visited the site with their contractor and following our site visit, we looked at TLV products t..
Here at, we offer the latest in M-Profile pressing machine technology, the Klauke press tool is now available to buy online at the most competitive price we are aware of on the internet. We have two machines available complete with jaws covering sizes from 15mm to 35mm. The Klauke MAP 215 press tool comes complete with a Makita lithium-ion 18v 1.5AH battery and charger. Press jaws from 15mm to 28mm for copper, carbon, and stainless steel press installation. ..
There are many online pipeline suppliers in the United Kingdom and across the globe supplying everything from bath taps and copper tube to aluminium push-fit compressed air systems. What I can tell you about is that we don’t offer bath taps as a norm; although we do supply a great deal of copper tube. We could at a pinch provide bath taps and even sink taps for our online customers. But we believe we are better placed to offer a wide range of valve and pipel..
UPDATE - Minimum Order Amount
Regretfully, as of today, we’ve had to introduce a small minimum order value to our website. For now, I’ve set this amount at £15.00, though shipping costs and VAT also count towards this figure. By the time everything's been totalled up; if you’re having the items delivered that’s still less than £5.00 you’d have to spend on goods. So we’re not exactly breaking the bank with this change! Looking back through the orders we’ve processed so far in 2019 this change will only impact the smalle..
Viking Johnson couplings and adaptors have a long history and are closely linked now and in the past to the Victaulic Company. Victaulic, as they became in 1927 started as the Victory Pipe Joint Company Ltd in 1919; the name is an amalgamation of victory and hydraulic. The original Victaulic coupling was invented by Lieutenant Ernest Tribe to improve the function of the Vincent Flamethrower in World War 1. Turning it into a reliable lethal weapon that brought terror to the German sol..
Press pipe and fittings from M-Press offer a unique solution to many pipeline installation problems. The latest advances in lithium-ion battery technology have made this product the go-to pipework system for many large installations. Consider a tool that is tiny compared to a welding set or threading machine that can operate 150 times or more before recharging is required, and most will charge to 80% in just thirty minutes. The advantages of using press pipe and fittings are many a..
As a blogger on our website my knowledge base covers a wide range of products associated with the pipeline industry. But when we sell our products to end-users, do we have a responsibility to offer the most energy-efficient solution to them; and should we be pressing them to consider the consequences of choosing the price over efficiency. We all play a part in in the increased use of energy and the resources of our planet; and whether you believe in global warming or not, we should..
It's a wet Friday in June and my goal today was to find a subject for our blogs that did not appear on the surface as one of our standard community posts. Lots of our blog post are product based but here on, our products are listed over and over again and so likely to appear on the Google horizon. So, thinking outside the box here is a community blog, to point out all the Facebook selfie opportunities available in Ashton-under-Lyne. One of our recent blogs o..
It's been some time since we did a piece in the Ashton is stranger than fiction series, and the reason behind that is the fact it was hard to find the right subject matter. This blog has been inspired by a customer Nick Hargreaves, who recently mentioned to me a piece of history concerning Henry Ford. He apparently visited Ashton-under-Lyne to buy a piece of local history. This was the Newcomen Atmospheric Engine from Fairbottom Bobs in Ashton-under-Lyne. For those of you that have..
Our press fittings are manufactured by M-Press and available from stock in EN 1057 copper, stainless steel 316 and carbon steel, this includes sizes 15mm to 108mm from stock and include the corresponding pipe material. What makes stand out from the rest is the fact that we're a PCC M-Press Distributor offering high-quality products are affordable prices for installers and end users alike. M-Press fittings can be used on a myriad of installations covering ..
Welcome to another blog from, the subject of today's post is ASTM A106 hot finished seamless tube. This product range is also known as line piping, quality tube and many other names, although the latter could be used to describe what we offer across all tubular products could carry the same description. The reason this particular subject was chosen is the fact that our webmaster required more information to publish on this range, so you see, these are never ..
Welcome to another product blog from where we offer help and information on all our valve and pipeline products. The subject of today’s write up is our range of butt weld fittings and how the standards can be incorporated into your pressure pipeline systems. If you would prefer not to read an entire blog on the subject of butt weld fittings, contact our sales team for the required information. As the author of nearly our entire Blog library, my personal p..
ASME B16.11 or BS 3799 3000lb pipe fittings are another product line available here at and Besseges (Valves, Tubes & fittings) Ltd. If you or your business is looking to purchase these pipe fittings then you're already in the right place. If your requirement is for more regular orders of this or any other valve and pipeline products, contact our sales team or open a trade account with us. However you buy ASME B16.11 pipe fittings, you can be assured tha..
Unistrut channel has been around for almost a century and has become unsurprisingly, the generic name used to describe the systems of many manufacturers. The original Unistrut system was if my information is correct invented in 1924 by Charles Attwood, at the time being the Attwood System. Originally invented to support cable and electrical equipment, the inventor saw many uses for this ingenious support system. Mr Attwood continued to develop his Unistrut Channel and fixings unti..
We offer a wide range of actuated valves here at, much of what is available manufactured by Genebre. This is especially true when we are providing pneumatic actuated valve solutions. The latest range of pneumatic actuators from Genebre have a built-in visual open and shut indicator; therefore, reducing the cost of actuation when this is specified. We can offer other forms of actuated valve solutions including electric actuation and electro-pneumatic control va..
Thirty years ago, this week, the company behind opened for business; Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd became an independent limited company on the 1st of October 1988. Under the current managing director, the business started life as a small merchant in James Howe Mill, Ashton under Lyne and quickly grew into a busy local valve and pipeline supplier. Before the end of the first year, we had expanded the staff and put a representative on the road to..
When you search for WRAS approved ball valves online you will literally find thousands of pages offering a suitable valve. Here at, we can offer the latest Genebre valve to be approved for potable water in the United Kingdom, in fact, it's been part of our online range for years. Genebre offers a wide range of high-quality valves in brass and stainless steel that already meet EU water standards and in 2018 they have added the Art3029 brass ball valve to the U..
Actuated valves from are available in many types and sizes, the majority of the valves we offer are actuated here in Ashton-under-Lyne. This latest blog will cover what products are available and give timescales for delivery on this huge range. Actuated valves can be provided with fully electric actuation, pneumatic actuation and electro-pneumatic actuation. As this range can cover anything from an on/off ball valve to a serious control valve, some explanation..
Many accounts departments across the United Kingdom have the constant battle every working day of chasing payments. Payment terms across the UK vary from industry to retail hugely and having spoken to customers recently some are definitely not paying or playing fair. Delaying payments for many large businesses seems to have become the norm; with supermarkets and large construction businesses using their suppliers like a bank. Can you imagine being a company supplying products to a..
Besseges (Valves, Tubes and Fittings Ltd with have been a distributor of metric BS EN 1092-1 flanges for nearly three decades. When we started selling this product range they were BS 4504 and if and when they alter again slightly following our departure from the European Union, we will still offer this range. The difference between what we offer and some of our competitors’ supply could be of superior quality. At the time of writing this blog one of our main c..
M-Press press fittings are available from a few sources across the United Kingdom and if you are looking for a Northern or Manchester distributor. Look no further than ValvesTubesFittings and Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd. We carry stock of the full range in sizes 15mm to 54mm which includes copper, stainless steel and carbon steel. This simple but reliable pipework system can be installed a great deal faster than many traditional pipework methods and if done correctly ..
The Battle of Manchester Hill is a lesser known part of The First World War and came up as part of our last blog about the people of Ashton under Lyne and the Great War. The 16th Battalion of The Manchester Regiment held the hill above St Quentin in France. The hill is above the French Village of Francilly Selency and gave the 16th Battalion an excellent view of the German Positions in St Quentin. The position gave British and French Battalions what seemed to be an advantage; but ..
Our business has been a specialist supplier of process steam products since 1999 and we have grown into a business that is recognised by our customers as a source of process steam solutions. We have made 100s of site visits to businesses with process steam issues over the past 19 years, 100s is probably a very conservative estimate. In that time, we have assisted many contractors and manufacturing companies and offered sensible cost-effective process steam solutions. What we have ..
Cooking with steam offers efficient precise temperature control and it can be used to create direct clean heat using steam injection, or it can be used via heat exchangers such as coils for traditional cooking and baking. Cooking with steam does not mean you need to fill a chamber or oven with direct steam, although if this is your method it does create beautiful restaurant quality cuisine. Dry cooking is efficient but whether the heat comes from gas or electricity, it is essentially..
Grooved pipe and fittings were first used as early as 1917 and invented by a Royal Engineer, Lieutenant Ernest Tribe in conjunction with Dr Henry Hele-Shaw; originally known as the Victory Joint. The sad truth is they were originally developed for use on semi-portable flamethrowers used in battles during World War 1. It was found that many semi-portable flamethrowers had faulty connections; which when they failed covered the operators with burning liquid. A clever engineer Ernest ..
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