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Process Steam Solutions Our business has been a specialist supplier of process steam products since 1999 and we have grown into a business that is recognised by our... read more
Cooking with Steam Precision and Control Cooking with steam offers efficient precise temperature control and it can be used to create direct clean heat using steam injec... read more
Grooved Pipe and Fittings a Wartime Invention Grooved pipe and fittings were first used as early as 1917 and invented by a Royal Engineer, Lieutenant Ernest Tribe in conjunct... read more
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Our business has been a specialist supplier of process steam products since 1999 and we have grown into a business that is recognised by our customers as a source of process steam solutions. We have made 100s of site visits to businesses with process steam issues over the past 19 years, 100s is probably a very conservative estimate. In that time, we have assisted many contractors and manufacturing companies and offered sensible cost-effective process steam solutions. What we have learned is t..
Cooking with steam offers efficient precise temperature control and it can be used to create direct clean heat using steam injection, or it can be used via heat exchangers such as coils for traditional cooking and baking. Cooking with steam does not mean you need to fill a chamber or oven with direct steam, although if this is your method it does create beautiful restaurant quality cuisine. Dry cooking is efficient but whether the heat comes from gas or electricity, it is essentially..
Grooved pipe and fittings were first used as early as 1917 and invented by a Royal Engineer, Lieutenant Ernest Tribe in conjunction with Dr Henry Hele-Shaw; originally known as the Victory Joint. The sad truth is they were originally developed for use on semi-portable flamethrowers used in battles during World War 1. It was found that many semi-portable flamethrowers had faulty connections; which when they failed covered the operators with burning liquid. A clever engineer Ernest ..
BS EN 10241:2000 Steel pipe fittings can be found at here at in sizes 1/4" to 6" or 8mm to 150mm nominal bore. Depending on your age you might know this range of threaded steel fittings as wrought iron; although they haven’t been manufactured in that material for a few decades. We offer BS EN 10241:2000 steel pipe fittings due to the robustness of the material and for the fact that this range covers up to 25 bar/364 psi. In our experience they are used ofte..
For people of a certain age, the Donkey stone remains a memory of mills and their rows of terrace houses. For those that don’t know what a Donkey stone was this should be a fascinating read and an insight into working-class pride in their homes. Before their decline, Donkey stones were used for cleaning the greasy steps in textile mills, the mixture applied a non-slip coating making them safer. Due to there wide use in the mills and the fact they were often used by female workers..
Looking for the best pipe and fittings suppliers online is a bit of a minefield as no matter where you go they promise the earth. As an online supplier of pipe and fittings, will certainly not promise the impossible. What we will do is provide the quality materials required to complete many pipeline installations. No matter what type of installation is being envisioned, we have plenty of experience across many sectors. The World Wide Web is now full of busi..
We can offer an extensive range of steam control valves from leading manufacturers and have the technical team that can ensure the correct valves are supplied. Here at, we are a leading supplier of steam control valves from market leaders, including Samson and TLV. We also offer steam control valves from less well-known manufacturers such as Genebre, where we have been a trusted distributor for over a decade. For more information on all we can offer in steam c..
Why would a tobacconist from Old Street, Ashton under Lyne be worthy of the paragraphs in our blogs under Ashton is stranger than fiction series? The reason is simple, the gentleman happened to be the first mixed race professional footballer to play English league football and in fact world football. The man was Arthur Wharton born 28th October 1865 at Jamestown South Africa. In the following paragraphs, we follow the history of a fascinating individual who began his life in what ..
Independent industrial plumbing and heating suppliers are few and far between these days, although there are many more domestic plumbing and heating suppliers available on most high streets. Here at ValvesTubesFittings, we are an online industrial plumbing and heating supplier with a trade counter facility. If you are based in and around the Greater Manchester area this means you can order online and pick up the material on the same day; subject to stock and availability. Of cours..
Genebre Valves 28/09/2017
Pay a visit to for Genebre valves, we offer a wide range of product in stock in the UK. As a business, we aren’t just playing the dropship game and immediately placing your order with our friends at Genebre. You can contact us today for a wide range of Genebre valves and be assured we will offer the material in a reasonable delivery time. There are several businesses in the United Kingdom that list a vast array of Genebre valves; only for the customer to find ..
When I joined this business 28 years ago we stocked Yorkshire brand solder ring and end feed fittings in copper. For many years we sold these mainly over our trade counter for those business collecting our more recognisable stock of malleable iron pipe fittings and at the time steel tube to BS 1387:1985. Our goals some years later changed and we discarded our stock of solder and end feed fittings. We made the decision to concentrate on our traditional threaded and welded fare in s..
Compression fittings for metal pipe coupling appear to have been first patented in 1943, with the application being made 22nd July 1940 by Irving Cowle. We know nothing of the man who improved on the idea a compression coupling apart from the fact he was from The United States and had produced a fitting that did not leak. The description of the Patent suggests very strongly that this was an early version of its modern counterpart. Compression fittings for copper pipe are sealed on..
We have several solutions available now in stainless steel M-profile press tube, with options in 304 and 316 stainless steel; and in addition, eco and standard wall options. The following blog will try to explore the pros and cons of each of these possibilities and with the new 304 range in limited sizes to replace carbon steel heating mains. For those not already aware, are M-Press distributors based in the Manchester area and offering deliveries across th..
The ValvesTubesFittings metal store is your one stop shop for all your pipeline requirements. We can offer tube in steel, stainless steel and aluminium; offering full lengths and cut pieces to suit the needs of our growing customer base. This metal store we are referring to is, of course, our main warehouse in Ashton under Lyne but as well as offering excellent delivery coverage across Northern England; we can deliver anywhere on the UK mainland including Yorkshire and across the ent..
Our business is to offer as many solutions as there are available for the installation of compressed air systems. Here at, we can provide most of, many of the associated pipeline products including EQOair aluminium tube and fittings. This system is one of the easiest to put together on low-pressure installations up to and including 16 bar pressure. This Blog will explore the simple installation requirements and the products available to complete your installat..
This is the third in our series of Ashton is stranger than fiction and what could be stranger than the origin of the town’s name. As you are probably aware there are many towns named Ashton; Ashton under Lyne our home then Ashton in Makerfield, Ashton under Hill, Ashton-on-Ribble, Ashton upon Mersey and Ashton Keynes to name but a few. Then add to this all the just plain Ashton’s in Cambridgeshire, Cornwall, Devon and Somerset and you realise why so many places added to their origina..
Here at, we have always been enthusiastic about what can be built using this product; the new Fastclamp Handrail Guide added yet more possibilities. The latest comprehensive guide from our friends at Fastclamp has a selection of new fittings and plenty of information on how to put them together. This latest blog will explore some different uses of this quality product, showing possibilities for that converted loft space or even in the garden. As always if you ..
Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd and have been synonymous with excellent quality galvanised tube BS EN 10255 2004. We offer European material in sizes from 15mm (1/2”) to 150mm (6”) and we guarantee this material is fit for purpose no matter what type of suitable installation is being undertaken. There is plenty of galvanised tube BS EN 10255 2004 available from many stockholders, but not all will complete the quality installation required. In this ..
The Black Knight, Sir Ralph De Assheton was by all accounts a man feared across the lands of Ashton under Lyne and England; but history may have also been somewhat unkind to someone who was also a brave commander and loyal to his King. A loyalty that ultimately may have cost him his life. If the records available are correct Sir Ralph was born in 1422 at Ashton Old Hall, his father was Sir John De Assheton and his mother Sir John’s second wife Margaret Byron. Sir Ralph had a half-bro..
For a full range of galvanised handrail tube sizes get in touch with us at; we can offer good quality, galvanised handrail tube at competitive prices. To match the tube quality we can also provide the full range of Fastclamp galvanised handrail fittings to complete any job in hand. Most galvanised handrail systems are installed in either 32mm or 40mm nominal bore, but we can provide galvanised handrail tube in sizes from 20mm to 50mm nominal bore. Both the tub..
Safety valves for pressure systems are key to the safe and efficient running of any site, here at we can offer the valves to suit your requirements. Our business is not tied to a single manufacturer of safety valves so we have the flexibility to offer just what you want and require. We have an excellent relationship with many producers of safety valves and can supply Albion Valves, Bailey Birkett, Broady, Nabic and TLV. If you already have a safety valve and w..
Welcome to the first of our blogs under the title of Ashton is stranger than fiction, we hope you enjoy the strange history of this once king of the industrial revolution. If you are aware of stranger subjects to cover in these Blogs on Ashton’s past, please let us know and we will try to cover it in a future piece. The present town centre is the modern face of the town, previously the focus for businesses was Stamford Street and if you look closely at your surroundings you will s..
Here at, we can offer the full range of NovoPress M-Profile press machines. These high-quality M-Profile press machines are available to press from 15mm to 108mm copper and 15mm to 168mm stainless steel. The reference to 6” press was not, by the way, a typing error as we can offer both 5” (141mm) and 6” (168mm) although delivery would be arranged via the M-Press warehouse just outside Leeds. NovoPress M-Profile press machines will press M-Press, Geberit, Yorks..
As one of the United Kingdom’s leading Genebre distributors, we offer a wide range of their quality products. Included in this range are stainless steel pipe fittings BSP threaded; this range is rated for a maximum working pressure of 20 bar and is suitable for a wide range of installations. This latest Blog will attempt to look at all we can offer in stainless steel pipe fittings and offer some insight into their use in the wider world. In addition, we will point you towards the exc..
There are many Manchester valve suppliers each with their own brand or offering, and as it is with all merchants they will insist their product is exactly what you are looking for. Sometimes here at, we will inform you our products are exactly what you need, but there is a difference. We will not oversell our own brand if it is not what is required for your process or installation. The key to being a great valve supplier is an understanding of the valve an..
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