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EQOair Aluminium Compressed Air System

EQOair Aluminium Compressed Air System

The EQOair aluminium pipe and fittings from EQOfluids are designed for use on compressed air installations running at a maximum pressure of 16 bar, other ranges are available to handle nitrogen, high-pressure compressed air at up to 70 bar, water and more. EQOair aluminium tube reduces pressure losses considerably when compared to other materials such as galvanised steel tube, this is because of the completely smooth interior bore. In comparison to other alternatives such as UPVC or ABS pipe fittings, they are stronger and more robust whilst still being just as lightweight.

The aluminium compressed air products in the EQOair range are available in sizes from 20mm up to a maximum of 160mm, as mentioned earlier the smooth interior bore of the pipe gives it many advantages over other systems, reduced loss of pressure being just one. The whole system is designed to be quick and easy to identify and install, each type of fitting is colour coded based on the flow material and the fittings are designed to be installed by hand and remain leak-free which makes it quick and simple to install.

You can read our blog and installation guide for EQOfluids pipe & fittings here.


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