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Black Wrought Steel Threaded Fittings EN 10241

Black Wrought Steel Threaded Fittings EN 10241

Wrought steel pipe fittings to BS EN 10241 are one of the most robust and versatile threaded fittings of their type available on the UK market and where our customer base is concerned they are primarily used on low-pressure steam systems.

Our customers have always been encouraged to use this type of fitting on process steam systems, the reason behind this is that despite good quality malleable iron fittings BS EN 10242 being rated for low-pressure steam systems, we have found that wrought iron fittings to BS EN 10241 last a great deal longer and we believe this is down to the improved tensile strength of steel pipe fittings over malleable iron fittings.

We offer a complete range of wrought iron pipe fittings to BS EN 10241 including elbows, tees, sockets, plugs and much more. We also offer a full range of galvanised steel pipe fittings, just follow the link to browse the range or contact out expert team who will be happy to help. Finally, you can visit our blog page and see all the blog posts we have written on our range of pipe fittings.


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