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New Product - Klauke Pressing Machines Here at, we offer the latest in M-Profile pressing machine technology, the Klauke press tool is now avai... read more
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Here at, we offer the latest in M-Profile pressing machine technology, the Klauke press tool is now available to buy online at the most competitive price we are aware of on the internet. We have two machines available complete with jaws covering sizes from 15mm to 35mm. The Klauke MAP 215 press tool comes complete with a Makita lithium-ion 18v 1.5AH battery and charger. Press jaws from 15mm to 28mm for copper, carbon, and stainless steel press installation. ..
Press pipe and fittings from M-Press offer a unique solution to many pipeline installation problems. The latest advances in lithium-ion battery technology have made this product the go-to pipework system for many large installations. Consider a tool that is tiny compared to a welding set or threading machine that can operate 150 times or more before recharging is required, and most will charge to 80% in just thirty minutes. The advantages of using press pipe and fittings are many a..
Our press fittings are manufactured by M-Press and available from stock in EN 1057 copper, stainless steel 316 and carbon steel, this includes sizes 15mm to 108mm from stock and include the corresponding pipe material. What makes stand out from the rest is the fact that we're a PCC M-Press Distributor offering high-quality products are affordable prices for installers and end users alike. M-Press fittings can be used on a myriad of installations covering ..
M-Press press fittings are available from a few sources across the United Kingdom and if you are looking for a Northern or Manchester distributor. Look no further than ValvesTubesFittings and Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd. We carry stock of the full range in sizes 15mm to 54mm which includes copper, stainless steel and carbon steel. This simple but reliable pipework system can be installed a great deal faster than many traditional pipework methods and if done correctly ..
We have several solutions available now in stainless steel M-profile press tube, with options in 304 and 316 stainless steel; and in addition, eco and standard wall options. The following blog will try to explore the pros and cons of each of these possibilities and with the new 304 range in limited sizes to replace carbon steel heating mains. For those not already aware, are M-Press distributors based in the Manchester area and offering deliveries across th..
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