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New Product - Klauke Pressing Machines Here at, we offer the latest in M-Profile pressing machine technology, the Klauke press tool is now avai... read more
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We offer a wide range of actuated valves here at, much of what is available manufactured by Genebre. This is especially true when we are providing pneumatic actuated valve solutions. The latest range of pneumatic actuators from Genebre have a built-in visual open and shut indicator; therefore, reducing the cost of actuation when this is specified. We can offer other forms of actuated valve solutions including electric actuation and electro-pneumatic control va..
When you search for WRAS approved ball valves online you will literally find thousands of pages offering a suitable valve. Here at, we can offer the latest Genebre valve to be approved for potable water in the United Kingdom, in fact, it's been part of our online range for years. Genebre offers a wide range of high-quality valves in brass and stainless steel that already meet EU water standards and in 2018 they have added the Art3029 brass ball valve to the U..
Actuated valves from are available in many types and sizes, the majority of the valves we offer are actuated here in Ashton-under-Lyne. This latest blog will cover what products are available and give timescales for delivery on this huge range. Actuated valves can be provided with fully electric actuation, pneumatic actuation and electro-pneumatic actuation. As this range can cover anything from an on/off ball valve to a serious control valve, some explanation..
Genebre Valves 28/09/2017
Pay a visit to for Genebre valves, we offer a wide range of product in stock in the UK. As a business, we aren’t just playing the dropship game and immediately placing your order with our friends at Genebre. You can contact us today for a wide range of Genebre valves and be assured we will offer the material in a reasonable delivery time. There are several businesses in the United Kingdom that list a vast array of Genebre valves; only for the customer to find ..
Safety valves for pressure systems are key to the safe and efficient running of any site, here at we can offer the valves to suit your requirements. Our business is not tied to a single manufacturer of safety valves so we have the flexibility to offer just what you want and require. We have an excellent relationship with many producers of safety valves and can supply Albion Valves, Bailey Birkett, Broady, Nabic and TLV. If you already have a safety valve and w..
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