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Process Steam Solutions

Block and bleed valves on a process steam systemOur business has been a specialist supplier of process steam products since 1999 and we have grown into a business that is recognised by our customers as a source of process steam solutions. We have made 100s of site visits to businesses with process steam issues over the past 19 years, 100s is probably a very conservative estimate. In that time, we have assisted many contractors and manufacturing companies and offered sensible cost-effective process steam solutions.

What we have learned is throwing money at a problem is not always the answer, although in some cases it does help. Our philosophy with our steam using customer base is we always take the long view, and in many cases prioritise urgent issues, then work for the longer term with the rest. For more information on all we offer as a process steam specialist supplier and authorised TLV distributor, please read more or contact our sales team.

Process Steam Solutions Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd

For those reading this who don’t recognise, we're part of Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd of Ashton-under-Lyne. We have three decades of experience as a valves and pipeline supplier and a highly experienced sales team; with product knowledge that is the envy of the pipeline industry. Whether you are a contractor or manufacturing business, if you are reading this we have a wide range of valves and pipeline products to suit many applications as well as process steam solutions.

For the installation of steam pipework, we offer all that is required fromPlain ended steel tube to BS EN 10255 for use with low pressure process steam the brackets to hang the pipe; to pipework including tube to ASTM A106 grade B hot finished seamless and BS EN 10255:2004 steam tube. A wide range of pipeline fittings including welding fittings ASME B16.9:2012, BS EN 10253:2007, steel threaded fittings BS EN 10241:2000 and; ASME B16.11:2001 carbon steel threaded fittings. For flanged connections, we provide EN 1092-1:2013, ASME B16.5:2013 and BS10:2009 carbon and stainless-steel flanges. Of course, to ensure a leak-free system we provide jointing compounds and flange gaskets to suit a wide range of pressures and temperatures.

Next of course are the stop valves, steam traps, pressure reducing valves, control valves and condense pumps. The majority of what we offer is from our friends at TLV; but we can provide other manufacturers including Genebre, Samson and Siemens valves. Other items available from Besseges and include flash recovery systems and steam compressors to compliment them. On a huge plus, we have the product knowledge and understanding to offer process steam solutions in most of the cases, as well as providing the required material to put it all together.

Process Steam Solutions across many industries

We offer a wide range of industrial valves, many of which are suitable for process steamAs was stated in the first paragraphs, we have an excellent record working with customers onsite, offering sensible process steam solutions to businesses across many industries. Just in 2018, we have already worked in process food, microbrewing, rubber process, abattoirs' and dairy. Working on a wide range of system requirements, from a new steam installation in the brewing industry to improving steam distribution in a dairy. The latest project we have just completed at a micro-brewery in Yorkshire was only brought online this week; with contractor and end user very happy with the resulting steam distribution system.

We often work closely with the end user and contractor to ensure the resulting process steam solutions are exactly what is required. Specialist steam contractors who should always be used on process steam systems; benefit from installation advice provided by our team. In turn, working with the end user, they then understand why steam system best practice should always be followed. In our experience, many businesses purport to understand the complexities of process steam installations, and then put together a system more akin to domestic plumbing and heating.

This is often why when you approach a steam specialist contractor for a quote and then non-specialist mechanical installations businesses; the price difference between quotes can be significant. Our view remains that businesses who are steam specialists offer in most cases the right solutions at the right price. Decent quality work is always worth paying for, by looking at the cheapest offering can result in long-term problems and unforeseen costs.

Process Steam Solutions Best Practice

Our best advice when looking for process steam solutions with contractors isProcess steam brewing system installed at a local microbrewery to look at the suppliers and manufacturers who support them. That expertise and understanding of process steam in the background; we believe is key to quality installations. We are not so arrogant that and Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd are the only good specialist available.

Our friends at TLV UK have an excellent design team who we work with constantly; to ensure we offer the right advice. Then there are of course other businesses including Spirax Sarco who work with many contractors and end users across the UK supporting projects and installations. But whoever you choose in the end, the price is important; but it shouldn’t be the sole basis for deciding on which business to use. In our own experience, this can lead to a completely unsatisfactory outcome or even worse; catastrophic failure.

Process Steam Solutions Steam Trap Surveys

When a site is considering investment in their steam distribution system, our belief is that the starting point for a journey in process steam solutions; should begin with an assessment of the steam system, followed by a steam trap survey. The assessment of the steam distribution system should start at the Boiler House and finish at the last line end.

Experience has shown us that older steam systems have flaws that would not have been considered at the time of the original installation. Good examples of this are shallow dirt pockets, missing relay point dirt pockets and in some cases incorrect pipe sizing. The last example is often due to sites reducing the steam boiler pressure considered in the original installation. By reducing the boiler pressure on a distribution main, the amount of steam available is reduced and in some cases, the velocity could be below recommended levels.

Once an assessment of a steam system has been done, the next step if one hasn’t been completed in the last twelve months; should be a steam trap survey. In our view, this should always be carried out by a specialist in the field of process steam, with the most up to date equipment. Steam trap surveys can be arranged through us and are carried out by TLV Engineering UK Ltd; using the TM5 Trapman. It is worth noting that the ultrasound equipment used by TLV for steam trap surveys is Lloyds Registered.

Whether you are looking for process steam solutions or ancillaries and Besseges VTF are a specialist steam supplier. We can provide help and product to solve most of your process steam issues, contact us today by clicking any of the available links on this Blog; we look forward to hearing from you.

Disclaimer: Information correct at the time of publishing (April 2018) but is subject to change. E&OE.

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