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EQOair Aluminium for Compressed Air Systems

EQOair Aluminium Compressed Air System InstallationOur business is to offer as many solutions as there are available for the installation of compressed air systems. Here at, we can provide most of, many of the associated pipeline products including EQOair aluminium tube and fittings. This system is one of the easiest to put together on low-pressure installations up to and including 16 bar pressure. This Blog will explore the simple installation requirements and the products available to complete your installation in light-weight aluminium tube and fittings.

EQOair Aluminium the Data

EQOair aluminium pipe and fittings are light blue (RAL5012) in colour (20mm to 90mm); with a maximum continuous working temperature of 100°C and a minimum continuous working temperature of -20°C. The EQOair aluminium tube is manufactured from aluminium alloy EN AW 6060; fittings from aluminium alloy EN AW 6061. The tube is available in sizes 20mm to 160mm od, and come 4 metres and 6 metres long. The standard fittings are in 20mm to 90mm and large bore fittings and flanges in 110mm to 160mm. EQOair aluminium fitting seals are manufactured from high-quality NBR; ensuring a long-lasting leak-free service life.

EQOair Aluminium Simple Installation

To install EQOair aluminium tube and fittings, the tools required are limited to a saw which can be a chop saw, EQOair aluminium tee for compressed airband saw or hand saw. A tool for deburring the outside of the tube should be a blade type and the bore deburr tool can be either a flat file or a hand deburring tool. The last few requirements are a lubricant which can be as simple as soapy water, emery paper and a marker pen complete the list.

Obviously, the first requirement before you start to cut the tube in preparation to install the EQOair aluminium compressed air system; is to measure the job and of course, purchase the required product from our sales team. Following this, using your chosen saw cut the tube to the desired length and if there are any surface scratches on the tube; use fine emery paper to remove them. Deep scratches will mean altering the position of the fitting or replacing the piece of EQOair aluminium tube.

Following this, the EQOair tube should be deburred internally and externally, again using your preferred recommended tool. Next, loosen the nut on the fitting but do not disassemble it, all EQOair aluminium fittings are supplied assembled. Once the fitting is ready to be assembled the marker pen comes into play. Use a permanent marker to mark the required depth guide for the size of fitting being used, the table below is a guide: Figure in parenthesis are branch ones.
















EQOair aluminium straight coupling for compressed airOnce the marking is complete and the nut has been loosened, the fitting and pipe can be assembled. Using the soapy water lubricate the EQOair aluminium tube and insert into the EQOair aluminium fitting ensuring the guideline is aligned with the nut. The genius of the EQOair aluminium system is the fact that the completion of the joint is tool free on the low-pressure system. After following all the guidelines hand tighten the nut which completes the installation of the fitting in front of you.


Finally, when the complete installation is done; on pressure testing check all the fittings are fully hand tightened. EQOFluids state in their guide for the installation on their 16-bar system that the use of tools to tighten the nut limits possible linear expansion due settlement. The following table shows the recommended torque values, which are similar to what is achieved by hand tightening.


Torque Value



























In conclusion to this Blog on EQOair aluminium tube and fittings, we would like to say that this is one of the many options now available to install compressed air systems. What is outstanding about this product is the quality of the tube and metal fittings and of course the simplicity of the installation. For installations where hot working or threading is not a viable option it is an ideal solution; although we do offer the M-Press system which has advantages, it does require a press tool to complete the jointing. For further information on all our valves and pipeline products, contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.


Disclaimer: Information correct at the time of publishing (June 2017) but is subject to change. E&OE.

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