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Press Pipe and Fittings M-Press Brand

A NovoPress pressing machine being used to install at 35mm copper press fitting.Press pipe and fittings from M-Press offer a unique solution to many pipeline installation problems. The latest advances in lithium-ion battery technology have made this product the go-to pipework system for many large installations. Consider a tool that is tiny compared to a welding set or threading machine that can operate 150 times or more before recharging is required, and most will charge to 80% in just thirty minutes. The advantages of using press pipe and fittings are many and diverse and this latest blog will explore them.

Copper Press Pipe and Fittings

Press pipe and fittings in copper are available from stock here at in sizes 15mm to 76.1mm and include a 66.7mm range. M-Press press pipe and fittings in copper can be installed anywhere potable water or heating systems are installed. Satisfying peoples need for traditional copper pipework systems while remaining aesthetically pleasing to the eye when exposed. M-Press fittings with EPDM seals are WRAS approved and have a working temperature of 110°C covering anything from heating systems to a domestic water supply.

For gas installations, the fitting is the same, but the seals supplied are the easily recognised yellow gas seals. We can provide the fittings complete with the gas seals as well as stocking replacement seals for gas in all the sizes we offer in press pipe and fittings in copper. Assured DVGW gas approved products offer every installer the quality assurance associated with M-Press products and the excellent service of a long-established pipeline supplier in Besseges (VTF) Ltd. Contact our sales team for press pipe and fittings for your next project.

An M-profile straight coupling in stainless steel 316 with an EPDM O-ring. WRAS approved, PN16 rated, M-Press brandedStainless Steel Press Pipe and Fittings

Stainless steel press pipe and fittings are a central part of our M-Press range of products, having so many suitable applications. Stainless steel M-Press is suitable for AdBlue pipe systems with standard EPDM seals as well as Glycol applications with the FPM seal and gas with the ONBR O-Ring. Stainless steel can be used on compressed air systems in premises where stainless is an integral part of pipework installations.

Stainless steel M-Press tube is available in six-metre lengths in sizes from 15mm to 108mm in stock; with the fittings to match. Recent works have seen us adapt to an old glycol system at a local chemical works from BS10 flanges to M-Press EN 1092-1 PN16 flanges and then feeding seven different processes. Our customer wanted a clean, leak-free solution that could be installed by their in-house engineering team. No prefabrication was required by our customer and we provided a stainless steel adapter flange BS10 (Table-E) to BS EN 1092-1 (PN16).

This is just one of the many solutions offered by M-Press press pipe and fittings and like the copper system. There is a gas and water solution with the relevant DVGW and WRAS approvals to ensure contractors and end-users get the install required. Other sizes of press pipe and fittings are about to be introduced with 139mm and 168mm M-Press products in the pipeline. The principal is the same using double press points and wrap-around jaws to complete the installation.

The XL NovoPress machine is the tool of choice for these larger works, which would require some investment. But the time saved compared to welded or even threaded systems is frankly enormous. Pressing of a single length of 168mm M-Press pipe could be completed in just four minutes, and with no prefabrication required. Again if there are press pipe and fittings products you are interested in, contact our sales team for assistance.

An M-profile press fit straight coupling in carbon steel from M-Press with EPDM seals and PN16 ratingCarbon Steel Press Pipe and Fittings

We've talked a great deal about carbon steel press fittings and pipe in recent years. Our feelings on this product are if it is installed correctly and with the right insulation it can offer a long trouble-free life for many installations. Over the past years since press pipe and fittings became widely used in large heating systems; carbon systems have been used due to much-reduced material and labour costs. Large public works have miles of carbon press pipe and fittings installed across schools and other public buildings.

M-Press carbon steel pipe and fittings are available from 15mm to 108mm from stock here at Next day delivery by our carriers is available subject to our terms and conditions as it is with all our press pipe and fittings supplied from stock. Stock replenishment from the M-Press northern warehouse near Leeds means we can quickly refill our stock. There is in fact over £500k of stock available to us as an M-Press distributor and we have a new carbon M-Press product arriving in November 2019.

M-Press carbon press pipe and fittings will be available in zinc/zinc from the middle of November, which is widely being used on new compressed air ring main installations. Carbon press pipework that is zinc on the outside diameter only can be subject to corrosion due to moisture within the air system. Making the use of the product a poor choice in the medium to long term. Whereas zinc inside and zinc outside ensures a longer-lasting, more efficient option. Again whatever form of press pipe and fittings you require, please contact our efficient and knowledgeable sales team today.

Traditional Pipeline Products

For the traditionalist, we still stock a full range of malleable iron pipe fittings to BS EN 10242:1995 as well as mild steel tube to BS EN 10255:2004, previously BS 1387. With a complete range of high-quality valves, flanges and pipe support ancillaries, we can offer all you need to complete your installation.

Disclaimer: Information correct at the time of publishing (October 2019) but is subject to change. E&OE.

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