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Galvanised Tube BS EN 10255 2004

Galvanised Tube BS EN 10255 2004Besseges (Valves, Tubes & Fittings) Ltd and have been synonymous with excellent quality galvanised tube BS EN 10255 2004. We offer European material in sizes from 15mm (1/2”) to 150mm (6”) and we guarantee this material is fit for purpose no matter what type of suitable installation is being undertaken. There is plenty of galvanised tube BS EN 10255 2004 available from many stockholders, but not all will complete the quality installation required. In this blog, we will explore why quality is important whether the tube is being used; to install a compressed air main or a simple handrail. We hope you can take the time to read the facts on what we have to offer and the alternatives, that may cause unforeseen issues.

Galvanised Tube BS EN 10255 2004 Compressed Air Installations

To complete many compressed air installations, galvanised tube BS EN 10255 2004 is the ideal material; although it is heavier than many of the aluminium options available. Excellent quality galvanised tube BS EN 10255 2004 is robust and when installed using high-quality Kite Marked malleable iron pipe fittings manufactured by Jinan Meide; an installation will stand the test of time.

Returning to the importance of quality material, when you buy your galvanised tube Galvanised Tube BS EN 10255 2004BS EN 10255 2004 material from Besseges or You can be certain that the pipe provided will be certified and heat marked, so each length is batch traceable. Price wise this product is sold competitively, but there is always cheaper material available; without markings or heat numbers.

Be aware that some of this material is perfectly adequate and will probably last until the warranty runs out. But from recent experiences much of this cheaper product will not thread, this is often due to brittle steel that may even damage the dies on your threading machine. We are also aware of material that has split along the entire seam if this happens after installation is complete; the consequences are obviously dire. For assurance of quality galvanised tube BS EN 10255 2004, contact our sales team and arrange your next delivery.

Galvanised Tube BS EN 10255 2004 Handrail Installations

Galvanised Tube BS EN 10255 2004This material is nothing but versatile and using superior quality galvanised tube BS EN 10255 2004 ensures a high-quality installation. Again, there are always less expensive options and many businesses who are forced by the end user to offer work on a price rather than quality; will follow this path, as it is the only one available. Our business believes that a quality installation is not just about who, but what is installed.

Mediocre quality galvanised tube is brittle and so is difficult to bend; in addition, the same mediocre quality material has an inferior galvanised finish. This can result in flaking and or white rust. White rust can happen to any galvanised material, but is more common with material with an inferior quality finish; often the result of exposed unoxidized zinc on the surface of the material.

If this occurs on an existing installation, it can be cleaned and then coated with a water repellent, preventing for an extended period any further occurrence of white rust. For more information on more serious issues of white rust please contact our sales team or to buy excellent quality galvanised tube BS EN 10255 2004; place your order online by clicking galvanised tube.

Disclaimer: Information correct at the time of publishing (April 2017) but is subject to change. E&OE.

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