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315mm x 10" Viking Johnson AquaGrip PN16 Flange Adapter

315mm x 10" Viking Johnson AquaGrip PN16 Flange Adapter
Brand: Viking Johnson
Product Code: 4511315250
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315mm x 10" Viking Johnson AquaGrip PN16 Flange Adapter - View Datasheet

End rings & flange adapter body in mild steel to BS EN 10025

Centre sleeve in ductile iron (EN-GJS-450-10) to BS EN 1563

Black Rilsan (Nylon 11) coated for improved resistance to chemicals, abrasion & impact

For 315mm OD (outer diameter) SDR11 & SDR17 PE (polyethylene) pipe with plain ends

Drillings for 10" (DN250) PN16 pipe flanges to BS EN 1092-1

EPDM rubber gasket

4x M20 Steel nuts, bolts (120mm Length) & washers with Sheraplex coating

Same size bolts across range with a single torque setting: 190 - 215Nm

Includes aluminium liner for PE pipe/tube

Can be used on pipe without machine ends or precision cuts

No special skills or tools required, just a suitable torque wrench

WRAS approved for use on potable water

End load gripping capability meets WIS 4-24-01 (Type 1) performance requirements

Meets requirements of Water Supply Regulations 1999 (England & Wales), Water Byelaws 2000 (Scotland) & Water Regulations (NI)

Maximum operating pressure: 16 bar (PN16)

Operating temperature range: -10°C - 40°C

Fitting Type Flange Adapter
Size 315mm x 10"
Flange Classes PN10/PN16
Body EN GJS-450-10 Ductile Iron (Black Rilsan Coated)
Centre Sleeve S275 Mild Steel
O-Rings EPDM Rubber
Pressure/Temperature Ratings
Maximum Operating Pressure 16 bar
Operating Temperature Range -10°C - 40°C
Potable Water WRAS Approved. Meets English, Welsh, Scottish & NI Water Regulations.
Additional Information M12 Bolts, recommended torque 55 - 65Nm.
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