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Copper End Feed Fittings

Copper End Feed Fittings

We offer a huge range of high-quality copper end feed fittings, these copper pipe fittings are manufactured to BS EN 1254-2 (previously BS 864) and are available directly from stock. All of our plumbing fittings come with WRAS approval making them suitable for use in hot or cold water applications, both domestic and industrial. Copper end feed fittings are a quick and simple method of joining copper pipe to BS EN 1057 due to their lightweight nature, they’re also ideal for installation in an area with limited space providing there is sufficient space for installation.

End feed joints are created using capillary action, hence why you may also hear them referred to as capillary fittings. When heat is applied to the copper fitting and tube solder is added the end or mouth of the fitting which due to the heat becomes molten, the capillary action makes sure that the lead-free solder fills the space between the fitting and the copper pipe which once cooled creates a strong, waterproof seal. The maximum operating pressure for our copper end feed plumbing fittings is 25 bar whilst the working temperatures should not exceed 99°C.


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